We back those with a righteous cause to make a positive change with their business. We help them articulate and express their mission to the world through brand in a way that people can get fully behind.

We’re not just
another agency

The big players in design are getting a little long in the tooth; a little samey, bureaucratic and a little slow to ever changing markets.

So we’re creating a new agile and responsive kind of agency, one that combines big agency tools and thinking with a young challenger mentality. Making streamlined strategy and effective design accessible to disruptor businesses great and small.


come forth

We set up Kiss to get down, personal and with the brilliant business owners that have a cause. Providing a rigorous strategic process that digs down to their roots, set up the brand to win and ignites their spark. Followed by a kick-ass identity design that expresses them fully.

We transform people from not caring to getting totally behind your cause.