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Nicole Legg: Internship Learnings

From March 2020 till September, KISS brought in marketing graduate Nicole Legg who studied at Leeds University as a strategy intern into the studio.

Nicole Legg: Internship Learnings

KISS & Nicole Legg


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Soon after Nicole started, all of us were thrown into a pandemic and working from home. We still managed to retain a way of working and create a cracking experience for Nicole and learn and navigate together through projects, proposals and strategies. It was a pleasure to work with Nicole, an exceptionally talented strategist and a bright spark.

We asked Nicole to share some of her learnings from her experience with KISS.

1. All ideas are important

Whoever you are, and whatever your job role, holding your tongue on a good idea is never good. KISS has helped me to find the confidence in my voice.

2. It’s the way you say it

Just because you’re not a copywriter, doesn’t mean you don’t need copy writing skills. The way you say something can be just as important as what you’re saying.

3. Be clear with your briefs

Communication is important, even if it’s on a piece of paper. Learning to write briefs right at KISS has made it easier to achieve the best results.

4. Collaboration is key

The best thoughts I had came from sounding ideas of Matt and Poonam. Being able to collaborate creatively is always better.

5. Keep in touch and eyes on the ground

Time spent learning isn’t time wasted. By spending time talking about things we’ve noticed, checking up on trends and watching webinars we stored up lots of knowledge that were relevant to so many different briefs.