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Gender Equality

Women bring a unique set of skills to the business world, often forming an integral part of achieving balance and success.

Gender Equality



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Women bring a unique set of skills to the business world, often forming an integral part of achieving balance and success. However, for too long this talent has been unutilized at higher levels and gender equality has been missing – statistics estimate that only 0.1% of creative agencies are run by women today. Fortunately, there is evidence that this gap may be beginning to close; here at KISS we’re proud to see our female founder among those driving positive change within the industry! Read Poonam’s thoughts below…

“Today always gives me a chance to reflect on all the amazing women I know and get to work with in our industry. However, the reality is there is a majorly low % of women in top tier positions in agencies or running them.

Drum highlights that only 0.1 women owned ad agencies in 2021. This is probably ever so higher in design studios. But I do see this gap starting to close and I hope that I’m playing a part of that as a female founder of KISS.

Women have so many intuitive instincts in business and my god they can handle a lot at once. They bring balance, a good force and a different perspective which all contributes to great output and team structure.

At KISS we are actively supporting the diminishment of the gender pay gap and stand tall as pioneers for Women’s equality. The theme visual for IWD fell short with me, hugging ourselves in photos and hoping for gender equality to just happen isn’t enough, we all have to actively adapt and review our processes to support both Women and Men. How do we do this as a growing design studio?

Flexible working
We offer flexible working and hours to help support childcare and personal lives of our staff. As our team grows and big life changes happen, having adaptable working methods allows everyone to flourish and feel comfortable professionally and personally.

We offer mentorship for our staff with a female business director. When I started KISS many of my initial role models were based on men, because at the time it felt like that was the only option. I’ve actively looked out for women that could support me and the team in leadership areas.

Dynamic team
Being co-founded by Matt and me, we help all our colleagues accelerate and develop their skills through regular performance meetings and ongoing support. This exposure to both dynamics creates a healthy balanced dynamic for everyone.

KISS Collective
Our KISS collective, a handpicked list of freelancers and companies we collaborate with, is a range of experiences, background and genders, keeping standards high and perspectives fresh.

But we are still 300 years away from gender equality based on Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of UN opinion. This is too long and unacceptable. And we all need to understand why and what can be done to change this.

I’ve been fortunate to work with fantastic women throughout my career, from early days as junior designer to working with new clients and creatives on social media. Here’s a few ladies I’d like to shout out today and put a spotlight on their influence.”


Nina Fortune - Bulletproof

Nina is a Creative Director at Bulletproof. I worked with her as Junior and she was my first exposure in working under the wing of a female creative. Nina is a force, with an exceptional eye for detail and immensely thorough. One of my first projects with her was on a Cadbury’s activation piece and Nina’s direction, professionalism and approach has massively influenced my way as a creative and director.

Sophie Finch - Finch Interiors

One of the hottest commercial interior designers who creates the most dreamy spaces with hits of femininity and impact, I feel I’m living my Barbie fantasy in some of her work. Can you tell I’m a huge fan girl? We’ve been working on Level X and Sophie has been a pleasure to work with. She brings so much energy, ideas and graft – and I’m here for all of it.

Kerry Bolt - B&B Studio

I only realised a few years ago B&B Studios was co-owned by a woman. A studio I’ve always looked up too as well. They produce fantastic brand and packaging work and typically with a playful edge. Kerry is someone I’d love to get to know as she would have so much to share about her experiences.

Cat How - How & How

I came across Cat this year. Cat has founded How & How with her husband. Something I can resonate with. I’ve been following her thought pieces and the studio output this year has been on fire. Cat is someone I look up to, who’s proud of being a founder and isn’t shy about it.

Nirah Sanghani - Shot By Nee

Nee is an up and coming photographer from London who’s taking images of big names in the entertainment industry. I came across Nee’s work via social media and loved her approach and aesthetic. Also to see another creative that looks like me brought me so much joy, because being brown and working in the creative industry is very much not the norm either and flooded with obstacles. Nee is shit hot and I’d love to work with her on a project.

Anita Chhiba - Diet Paratha

If you haven’t heard about Anita then where have you been? Anita founded the Diet Paratha social account and has been trailblazing South Asian creatives since. I’m so so proud to see this platform exists and all the efforts Anita has gone to get exposure and access between big brands and the South Asian community globally. Her account makes my inner child sing with glee because this representation matters. Anita, I raise a glass of champagne for everything you’ve done and all to come.