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South Asian Therapists

Branding, Strategy, Digital Design


To create a new identity for the launch of an online global directory for south asian therapists.


Since launch the site has been a roaring success, seeing upwards of 150,000 views per month with the majority of users coming from the USA, UK and Canada. It now boasts hundreds of South Asian therapists from around the world and is growing daily; clearly fulfilling a need that was previously underserved.

The brand has gained global exposure via Women's Health Magazine, Galdem, Pop Sugar, Bustle and Ariane Grande. Organic social media following grew within 4 months to 15K to almost 50K in 12 months.


Website views per month


Therapist signups in the first 6 months

Quotation Mark

"I’ve been working with KISS since I began my activism work in 2015. There isn’t a project I think of or want to develop that I don’t run past them first. No one knows my work or vision more intimately and there is absolutely no one else I would have gone to for the branding of South Asian Therapists. It’s a relationship of trust and respect. Since launch the site has been a roaring success."

Raj Khaira, Founder, South Asian Therapists


Keep ita good fit


Keep ita good fit

Finding the right therapy

South Asian Therapists

Keep ita good fit

Finding the right therapy

South Asian Therapists

Access to cultural specific
therapists made easy

The Challenge

Covid hit us all harder than expected and naturally, mental health took its toll. Lawyer and anti-oppression activist Raj Kaur, saw a major need for South Asians to access a therapist that understood their unique and often nuanced cultural contexts. The pandemic exacerbated this need, jump-starting a partnership with KISS to bring a directory to reality in only a few weeks.

Be seen and heard

South Asian women are an ‘at-risk’ group for suicide. With a prevailing taboo around mental health existing within South Asian communities and a lack of representation within therapy brands and imagery, it is not a surprise that many South Asians feel the concept of counselling or therapy is not open to or relevant to them.

Our Approach

For South Asians, no platform like this has previously existed, meaning it was an opportunity to set the benchmark for this service. We wanted to re-imagine therapy as a source of hope and positivity, not sorrow and illness. This pushed us to explore what a new positive therapy directory could really be while delivering a clear and simple proposition.

KISS Solution

Creating a link to South Asian culture whilst avoiding stereotypical imagery was vital so we paired a contemporary colour palette with quirky and relatable illustrations which, most importantly of all, featured Brown people engaging in therapy and wellness activities in a positive way.

Uplifting nature

The South Asian Therapists logo type is strong and assertive, featuring a smoking curve on the letters to build subtle cues of positivity. This shape informs the dynamic curves that create a warm uplifting architecture across the brand. It’s paired up with an italic font to allow emphasis on keywords and softness where required.

Poonam Saini,
KISS Branding

“Within South Asian communities there are many cultural nuances that Western practitioners could miss or not fully understand, creating misalignment between client and practitioner. At KISS we supported Raj in creating a credible, approachable and empowering brand. It was important that SAT’s offering was made as clear as possible through the typographic and illustrative treatment of the brand, ensuring it was underpinned with a sense of uplifting positivity.”

The brand voice talks to consumers about their pain points around their present therapy experience such as being misunderstood or having to spend more time explaining their culture. The language also addresses how therapy can help by using niche references to experiences such as living with extended family members, reinforcing the relevance of finding mental health support.

South Asian Therapists South Asian Therapists South Asian Therapists
Platform success

The platform has gained global recognition with public figures such as Singer Arianne Grande and TV presenter Anita Rani directing their followers to the directory. Over 300 therapists have signed up to the directory and an ongoing range of workbooks have been produced with new partnerships progressing with Universities and social platform Tik Tok.

Thanks to Raj for bringing us on board to another fantastic project.

We’re thrilled to hear how many women and men this platform has helped during the pandemic and look forward to being part of its growth.

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