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Branded vs Private label, how can your brand cut through?

Private label is on the rise, Kantar‘s recent reports show a year-on-year growth in excess of 40%.

Branded vs Private label, how can your brand cut through?



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Private label is on the rise, Kantar‘s recent reports show a year-on-year growth in excess of 40%. Wondering how your FMCG brand can cut through all the noise and remain on top? 

Discover your brand's unique vibe

Private-label products often lack a distinctive personality. Defining and showcasing your brand’s unique vibe will help you create an emotional connection with customers, making them choose you over generic options.

Quality is key

Private labels may compete on price, but they often can’t match your commitment to quality. Emphasize your dedication to excellence, reassuring customers that they’re investing in a premium product.

Tell your story

Own brands often lack the authentic backstory and passion that independent brands possess. Sharing your journey and values makes your brand more relatable and memorable, standing out against generic alternatives.

Design for impact

Invest in captivating design that not only captures attention but also communicates your brand’s essence. This makes your products more appealing on the shelf. Huge supermarkets such as Asda opt for generic and minimal packaging so creating a captivating packaging design will help you stand out.

Make marketing an experience

Big brands own labels often lack a compelling narrative and are often an afterthought. By turning marketing strategy into an immersive experience, you draw customers into your brand’s world, making them feel more connected and engaged.

Keep it consistent

Consistency in branding and quality builds trust. This trust becomes a competitive advantage as customers rely on your brand’s reliability, especially when private label offerings might vary.

Innovate fearlessly

Private labels are often followers, not innovators. Your brand’s innovative spirit sets you apart, attracting customers looking for unique and cutting-edge products.

Price smart, not cheap

While private labels might focus on being the cheapest, you focus on providing value for your price. Smart pricing reflects quality, and customers recognize the worth of your products over generic options.

Connect with your community

Building a loyal customer base gives you a significant edge over private labels. Engaging with your community creates brand advocates who not only choose your products but also promote them.

Dive into data

Utilising data helps you understand consumer preferences and tailor your offerings accordingly. This allows you to stay ahead of private-label brands by providing products that meet evolving demands effectively.

Think Long-Term

Private label brands may focus on short-term gains, but your commitment to long-term brand building ensures your brand’s lasting presence and relevance in the market, even as private label competition evolves. The answer is simple – be authentic and let your brand soul shine through.


So if your brand has lost its way, or you need a helping hand with bringing your story to life, get in touch.