WTF is the point in Kiss?

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WTF is the point in Kiss?

Okay, maybe it’s a hard life question that is best kept for a late night booze up. But as we reach our 1st birthday (yay Kiss!), it’s important to us that we ask ourselves and remind others what the point is of all of this.

In other words, why do we do what we do?

Have you heard the line ‘people don’t give a crap about what you do, but they care why you do it’? If you haven’t then listen up.

A purpose worthy of getting out of bed

We all need a ‘why?’. As it turns out, brands, people and businesses with a genuine purpose actually perform better than those who don’t.


  1. Because they attract the best minds;
  2. Their staff are more motivated, more productive and stick around longer;
  3. They create loyal, happy customers that form deeper connections with the business;
  4. It’s a not-so-secret weapon that adds value beyond quality and price; and
  5. Purpose not only gives us a reason to get out of bed, it provides a way of connecting with others.

Overall when purpose is delivered with passion, it creates loyal customers, committed staff and a clear direction to head in helping businesses and individuals achieve growth and create a lasting impact on people and communities alike.

So do you have a cause, a purpose, a conviction or a mission? It doesn’t really matter what you call it but KISS has one and I’m about to share it with you.

Our cause

A purpose or cause can be anything. It doesn’t take much to make a difference for someone, somewhere – the smallest of changes can have the biggest effect.

I care about a lot of things, but I’m no activist or UN ambassador. However, what I can do is help nudge things into the right direction in my own way by using what I’m good at. For KISS, that’s helping businesses find and express their purpose.

I think of it as ‘helping those doing the helping’, at KISS we call them the challengers, disruptors and modern-day pirates.

Using a strategic process called the ‘Brand Spark’, we help businesses articulate their vision and personality. We base our designs around expressing the ideals discovered in the Brand Spark in a way that is lasting and meaningful. We’ve helped a wide variety of organisations with a broad range of visions, from encouraging clean natural alternatives to backing low-sugar products to making law accessible to the underprivileged and just making damn tasty food.

The big corporations have more resources than the “little guy”so we’re trying to level the playing field, by building a bridge between top-end design and purpose-led small scale enterprise; because everyone deserves a chance to share their vision and share it well.

You may be passionate and enthusiastic about your idea, but at KISS we help you get everyone else to believe in it too.

Our purpose has led us to work with some pretty amazing causes so far, like The Pink Ladoo Project, The Peoples Lawyer Movement and the Mac Factory.


The Kiss Spark has become a symbol for our cause and beliefs.

Believe in something

Being millennial business owners, we stick our noses into everything and question the hell out of it. Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world and a good cause gives us something to be certain about.

Most causes are underpinned by a set of strong beliefs and ours led us to start KISS. After working in London for several years, we came to our own conclusions about what needed to be changed.

We wanted to disrupt the 9 to 5 grind, hierarchies, bureaucracy, corporate culture, pedestals, ‘bigger is better’ mentalities, the list could go on… basically any nonsense that just gets in the way.

These things have no place in our future and we’ve worked towards kissing them goodbye!

But we are not the only ones questioning everything. There’s a reason why self employment is on the rise in the UK. More and more people are choosing self determination over security, fulfilment over paychecks. People are rewriting the fictions that have governed us for years and we are loving it.

I’m not saying that you should plan to change the world, just focus on making a small bit better.

Don’t get left behind

Current brand challenges centre around trust, engagement and resonance, that’s why businesses and people need to communicate their true value, passion and purpose fully.

We often come across businesses that have just lost their spark, stuck in the everyday and lost their track of why. Taking a step back, putting focus in the right places and getting a bit of ‘brand therapy’ can get everything back on track. It’s fast pace out there and those that don’t take time out to reflect and align themselves to what their purpose is, often get replaced by the ones that have.

So feed your rebellious mindset and find something to stick it to. That’s a good starting point.

We’re looking for like-minded businesses who share our attitude and want to work together and create a better world for everyone.

If this resonates with you, or you fancy sharing your cause for existence. Tell us what your purpose is. If you’re not sure, then perhaps we can help you find it.

Remember: People don’t give a crap about what you do, but they care why you do it.