We’re ditching Mac & Cheese’s tasteless school dinner reputation and putting it pride of place as a delicious, convenient lunch time favourite. Holy Macaroni!


An icon re-invented

The all-american classic was leaving a somewhat bitter taste in the mouths of the British public, thanks to decades of state school dinners and packets of the instant kind lining the supermarket shelves. Graham’s goal was to change that perception and reawaken the nation’s appetite to it’s simple deliciousness; bringing them gourmet Mac & Cheese. Made with the best ingredients, mouth watering flavour combinations and made fresh to order in minutes; this is the ultimate lunch time comfort food. Graham approached us to reinvigorate his brand; give it a voice that champions his offering and make it stand out from the crowd.


Seriously Mac & Cheese

Our proposition for the Mac Factory began with ‘an icon re-invented’, from that we created the line ‘Seriously Mac & Cheese’ to encapsulate what the brand is all about. Our redesign builds on the existing assets; lady liberty and the Americana style, but reimagined with stand out, ramped up attitude and taste appeal. The idea is built around the state-side heritage of Mac & Cheese and it’s roots within the working class and industry of New York, we celebrated that by combining classic Americana with industrial factory insignia to create a unique identity that’s unmistakably The Mac Factory.


The Factories

Working with a kiosk designer, we supplied styling mood boards and branding to create a convenient fast food outlet in shopping malls; the ultimate one stop shop for comfort food seekers.


Americana meets factory

By combining the sleek curves and glamour of Americana with the industrial ruggedness and bold symbology of the factory we’ve created an identity that, like cheese in the Macs, has a good dose of character and is big on impact. It tells a message of ease, accessibility to all and a taste worth stopping for. A bold look, for the bold return of an icon.


Creating the Website

We wanted a website to embody the brand as a digital avatar, be a responsive multifunctional site that not only showcases the Macs but also acts as a place to explore the locations, book for events and find out a little more about the Factory. So that’s what we did.


“We just wanted to say thanks so much to you and Poonam for all your guys help, never worked with any company’s that go so beyond what would be expected. You guys are doing great things and so happy with the outcome of the branding.”

Graham Bradbury – Founder of The Mac Factory