The Pink Ladoo Project

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For many South Asian girls, the day they’re born is the day they have to start defending their value and worth in society. In 2018, a newborn girl is still often welcomed to the world with wails of mourning and shame. The Pink Ladoo Project was founded as an urgent need to raise the awareness of this gender-bias behaviour, elevate the value of women and bring this important conversation into South Asian homes. One tradition that keeps such thinking alive is the offering of a round yellow sweet, called a ‘Ladoo’, as a marker of celebration only for the birth of boys.


The power is in your hands

The answer was simple…turn the Ladoos pink and celebrate the birth of girls. This transformation of a yellow Ladoo into a pink one creates a powerful yet simple symbol of protest against a bygone sexist custom.  An upright hand with a circle in the palm is a significant symbol in South Asian cultures, often depicted on images of Goddesses and painted on a bride’s palms before their wedding day symbolising femininity and womanhood. In addition, Ladoos are traditionally made by mums, aunts, and sisters of the family by rolling them in their hands. We tied this all together, turning the Pink Ladoo into a symbol of power in the hands of the beholder. Creating an iconic identity and captivating slogan ‘The power is in your hands’.


Fight for equality through celebration

We were given the challenge to create an identity that clearly conveyed the project’s mission and gives credibility to its cause. We built an identity that felt unique to the cultural origins yet welcoming to everyone while balancing an empowering spirit and female tenderness creating a brand that has the strength to fight for its belief and create a new future of celebration.


Finding a voice

Since the brand’s launch, the project has received a phenomenal response. It has been featured in The Guardian, The Metro, The Stylist and many other global media outlets. Social media followers rose from 8,000 to over 35,000 since the launch and overall the Pink Ladoo message has reached over 3 million people and counting with stories being shared from families, individuals and volunteers across the world.


“When Kiss showed me their concepts I cried – because I never imagined that anyone could so perfectly capture what I had been trying to articulate for my campaign. The final result is emotional, whilst clever, which is exactly what we wanted. The branding has been very effective, helping convey our message clearly.”

Raj Khaira – Founder of Pink Ladoo