To wake the nation up to the amazement that is frozen yoghurt. Light on the bad stuff and packed with awesome, it’s a healthier treat for all. It deserves to have a bigger market share.


Challenge a tired market

Stateside, Fro-yo has enjoyed massive success, having become a staple in the American diet. In the UK, it’s a different story, it’s never really taken off. Why? What works in the states, rarely works in the UK straight off. The Fro-yo brands in the UK are carbon copies of successful brands in the states, using the same sector cues and messaging – cold, clinical and health driven – and expecting the same results. The UK market has a different mindset with different wants and needs and haven’t responded as expected. This meant we needed to try something completely different.


Brave new approach

Teamed with a new approach; a fro-yo vending machine that keeps costs low, convenience high that can be postponed in the heart of lifestyle and cultural events, along with the vision to create something bold and new, we were ready to wrestle every inch of ground in the huge frozen desert sector. In order to put the focus onto frozen yoghurt, we needed to create a brand with a statement, with strength of character, one that would give the permissible indulgers out there an excuse to treat themselves. One that would disrupt a dying market.


The Cult of Fro-yo

We know what this brand needed to do. It needed to engage with a younger audience, those who are looking for healthier treat alternatives, who need an excuse to indulge but who also crave to be part of something different. So we created a Cult and gave it to them. Through a series of workshops, we gave it a compelling purpose ”, a believable soul ‘Rise of the light side’. Then created an own-able name that would embody it. Building an impactful identity, one that would turn heads by doing something truly different in the frozen deserts sector.


The Temples

The Melt Cult is based purely on the vending machines that are sited in shopping malls and leisure spaces across the country. The machines themselves are passive, which meant the messaging on the livery had to work hard and be backed up with strong and exciting social channels to bring the brand alive. This meant the design needed to be flexible and have the potential to grow and extend.


The Communion

There were various things that needed to be delivered for the success of this project. First is taste. Second is engagement. Third is flexibility. Fourth is … These alongside a strong social and marketing push we will build a communion around the Melt Cult of fanatical fro-yo fans.