Making dollar on Valentine’s day.

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Making dollar on Valentine’s Day.

It’s Valentine’s Day. A fantastic day for restaurants, florists and beauty brands alike. All sorts of businesses will be presenting offers to get the most of this day and get those love birds through the doors.

Now some may says it’s just a marketing ploy by the brand gurus coined to make us spend more money. But you know what, who cares? We all (even the singles) have fun and it makes us focus on our relationships for a bit in our chaotic lifestyles. Personally, with my business hat on, I see it as a perfect opportunity to offer something special to your target market and even if that’s just sharing a bit of brand love (and the smoochy kind).

So you don’t sell chocolates, flowers or sloppy spaghetti, but Valentine’s Day could be a great way to create engagement between you and your customers, while showing you’re current and with the times.

If you’re really not one for Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of dates throughout the year that you could use to build a campaign around or offer something special for that one day to build up some interest in your business.

It could be a national cheese day, where you celebrate your cheesiest meal or national sleep day; promoting a soothing night time candle. If your product or service relates, why not make the most of it. You have to invest in marketing especially if it’s a consumer driven service or product. If you’re tight on marketing budgets then one of the easiest ways is to make the most of the seasonal celebrations throughout the year, even if it’s just posting on social media. It keeps you relevant.

Some may say your getting on the bandwagon, doing the usual cliche promotions. But, if you can offer your own spin on it then it’s an opportunity that’s unique to your brand and quite possibly memorable. Even better? Coin your own day! or celebrate your business anniversary if that works better for you.

We always tell our clients to make a year plan based on really important dates for promotion for your business. Get in those key dates, then add lead times for them, to make sure you’ve got time to prepare, write content and make anything else you need for it. Figure out how you can build up interest and hype around your brand.


Around Leeds Trinity today, loads of high street names were making a killing from the footfall of last minute lovers looking for gifts. M&S was grabbing that opportunity with both hands with their pop up shop selling Valentine’s essentials. A brand with a savvy strategy. They realised they are more likely to get more impulse purchases if they make it super easy to buy, offer a good range, a good price range and most importantly be in the path of those looking for a quick gift.


Small businesses can make the most of it too. ‘The Little Book Shop’ in Chapel Allerton is a great example of a small business making use of today, we saw on social media them offering cute cupcakes with hearts and promoting some gorgeous love related children stories and creating a store display themed to share the love. It’s half term, parents are looking for things to do, so why not use the day to promote products that are relatable but also be part of the valentine celebrations. It’s a great way to showcase the store. They also did a similar tactic for pancake day. But they had their own spin, which put the brand and it’s personality forward, without overselling the business.

Both brands are solving the problems of their customers, in a helpful but non pushy way. They’re creating a nice experience that will be remembered by their customers.

So here’s to Mother’s day next! Get your marketing hat on, how are you going to make the most of this day?