Make a Kiss My Ass List

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You can kiss my ass.

A Kiss My Ass List is something we all should have. Up there, on the wall, the first thing to see every morning. In fact everyone needs one and so should every brand.

You know sometimes we get so involved in life and the everyday grind, we quickly lose track of what it is we’re doing and why we do it. Well, this is a quick antidote to that.

Having purpose in our lives is becoming more important in our eternal hunt for relevancy. In this ‘age of change’, we have very few constants and little to rely on, so building a purpose around change is a key way to be relevant for a very uncertain future.

But having purpose isn’t always about focusing on the positive – it can start with singling out the bad.

One of the quickest and strongest ways to find our cause is to share the things we hate, because nothing motivates us into action than an opportunity to stick it to something we really disagree with.

It even helps us grow relationships and unite together to fight a common enemy. That is a powerful thing.

What are those things we really dislike? Those daft rules, ridiculous expectations, absurd norms, vicious systems that make no sense but insist upon dictating or interfering with our lives.

It doesn’t matter how big, small, significant or irrelevant they may be, our world is full of them. It’s time to challenge them and force them away for good. That’s how you create yourself a purpose for the future.

So make yourself a list

Write five things you want say Kiss My Ass to and delete from existence – make them personal.

Hate plastic? Put it on your list. Sugar? Dangerous chemicals in your food? It could be anything, what do you want to change that’s going to drive you forward?

Download your free Kiss My Ass list

Download our free list template. Fill it out and get it up on your wall!

Here’s some of my ideas…

The 9-5 grind, exams, Coke, Hierarchyl, Greed, 11 o’clock biscuits, Self-inflated importance, Titles, Pedestals… you see where I’m going.

And stick it on the wall

It’s surprisingly empowering, right!

Now you’ve got your list, stick it up on the wall. Use it to take on the day, making it your mission to find ways to cross each one out. It could be through your own everyday routine or just getting out there and causing a bit of good trouble. Hopefully it will awaken your challenger mentality and set you up for success.

We find the list helps us get to the root of someone quickly, showing the real person (or brand) in front of us. It’s a lot of fun and a brilliant thing to bond over. After all, the threat of a fight worth fighting brings us closer together than anything.

Then take it a step further

We do this as part of our Brand Spark workshop, designed to identify your guiding purpose, principles and beliefs – building your Brand DNA. Alongside a clear vision, a set of solid beliefs and a clear purpose you could be unstoppable (and live a life well lived). 

Find out how your Kiss My Ass list can and grow your business.

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