Kiss And Tell March 2020

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What’s Inspiring Us: Grow Your Garments

The world is changing, and we love it. This month we spotted Biogarmentry and it’s pretty cool. Designer Roya Aghighi has developed clothes made from algae that harness the power of photosynthesis, that’s right, your clothes could be alive. Not only is it a great scientific feat, but Aghighi hopes that it will “ transform users’ relationship to their clothing”. Why the hell not? Here in the UK plant culture has taken off over the last few years and we love to look after our greenery indoors so why not our clothes? Similarly to a plant, the photosynthesis is activated by sunlight and the fabric is watered once a week. They aren’t the most wearable garments yet, but we’ve loved seeing the designer challenge perceptions of throw away culture.


Instagram @katcassart

What We Are Loving: Tampon Tax

Following suit from other countries like Australia and India last year, we are very pleased to report that the UK plans to abolish the tampon tax by January 2021. If you ask us, it’s a little late. But, we’re glad it’s happening because calling sanitary items a “luxury” seems ancient. With young girls missing out on days at school due to a lack of access to sanitary products, it looks like the government has realised that the education of these girls deserves to be a priority.


Empire State Tribune

What’s NOT Cool: Tik Tok ‘Ugly’ Users 

It’s almost too shocking to be true. But yes, in the twenty-first century, it has been reported that Tik Tok is moderating ‘ugly’ users. Their ‘For You’ feed showcases videos on the site drawing in tonnes of viewers. Reports show that the moderators of this page were given a set of criteria to ensure that they only promoted ‘the right videos’. In efforts to produce ‘aspirational’ content, they segmented out ‘ugly’ users, poorer users and even users with disabilities. 

We just can’t wrap our heads around it. Aspirational to us means defying adversity, harnessing creativity and achieving your goals. We just hope Tik Tok gets with the programme, and ASAP.


From Poonam at Morrison, Leeds

What’s not Cool: Froneri Cultural Ignorance

Cultural appropriation has appeared in branding for as long as we can remember, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable and a recent example reminded us of just this. While perusing the shelves of Morrisons we stumbled upon a new packaging design from Fronei promoting a new ice cream which flavours were inspired by India. And there, right on the front of the package was a tiger and the Harmandir Sahib. This is one of the holiest places for Sikhs and an important pilgrimage site. Not only did this demonstrate a lack of research from the designer but the faults in the approval process. This just shows we need everyone to get educated and we need it now.



Say Whaaaaaaat?!: Gaga Virus

Have we really become this intertwined with celebrity culture? There’s a new bug on the scene, aptly named after the icon herself, Lady Gaga. It’s true, the Kaikaia Gaga has a groovy get up with large coloured horns. It sings too, vibrating plant stems to keep in contact with one another. But does this say even more about culture than it does nature? We make references to this other world almost unconsciously and everyone seems to get them. Do we need a break from the celebrities in our screens, or should we embrace it all together?


Instagram live @rochellehumes @pernicegiovann1


Things we’re excited about (in spite of coronavirus):

We almost made it a whole Kiss and Tell without mentioning Coronavirus, so close. However, there is something keeping us hopeful in a time of uncertainty, community spirit. And while we cant connect with each other in person, a huge number of artists, musicians and companies have been stepping up to the plate and are providing great support and entertainment in tough times. With the internet of things and social media making connectivity easy for so many, people have been using it to spread positive messages. 

Mahogany has set up isolation sessions, gigs allowing musicians live stream to their fans, Joe Wicks has vowed to be P.E teacher to the children of the masses and Noel Fielding has resumed online art classes. This lets us feel like we know celebrities more than ever before and curate unprecedented relationships. It’s definitely worth getting excited about.

So although we are stuck in our homes, we are not alone. We are grateful we live in a world of content creators and have the means to share our passions with others online, making the distance we’re all experiencing feel a little less big.

More Kiss & Tell?

Look out for more Kiss and Tell 💋Next month we’ll be doing a COVID 19 special on all things brand. Showing how brands big and small have adapted and what possible new trends and ideas could come out of all of this.