Kiss And Tell: March 18

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What’s caught our attention

The latest MoneySupermarket ad, which features a whole corps of Action Man dolls.

Their deadpan faces and brilliantly camp stop motion dancing pulls on the nostalgic heart strings of baby boomers and millennials alike – We love it!

I only ever had one Action Man – the one that parachuted down from a kite. But sadly it found itself stuck in a gigantic Ash tree for years after.

But continuing their nostalgia fuelled campaign, MoneySupermarket are leveraging on a powerful and ripe emotion. It’s certainly not something new, nostalgia has been in marketing campaigns for years but they’re doing something creative and memorable with it! Which is more than can be said for the Flintstone and Top Cat Halifax ads (but if it’s working for them who are we to judge). I for one am certainly looking forward to the next instalment from the comparison site.



What’s HOT

Disney Branded Homeware stores – Nostalgia licensing gone mad or gone right? Well we think it’s pretty cool. Why? Because Millennials like myself and Poonam are looking out for trinkets with sentimental value. So when nostalgic brands stoke childhood memories with their higher end offering – how can we say no? Culturally, more and more Millennials are pushing back on typical milestone purchases which in turn is keeping their youth flame burning. So when Barbie or Disney come out with products with a maturer twist, you bet your going to get the attention of Millennials.

We can see the homeware store is most likely going to be a success – following success of brands like Pokemon and Barbie’s collaboration with Misguided.


The Week

What’s NOT

Brewdog, Pink IPA – bold statement about gender pay gap? Or satirical quip gone wrong?

While some could argue any publicity is good publicity – bad publicity is often ALWAYS bad for the brand. While trying to make a statement ‘for women gender marketing’, Brewdog rather than being satirical, has fallen into that trap.

A campaign based on highlighting the gender pay gap, the idea of giving a 20% discount for the drink in their bars for women only, I think, is a great conversation starter and makes customers face a often ‘behind closed doors’ issue personally. Give credit where credit’s due, it’s built on a positive idea and encouraging women into a heavily male dominated industry and a whopping 20% from sales going to women’s engineering Society.

However, they unnecessarily stepped over the mark with making the bottle pink – only confusing the campaign and having to rely on telling the viewer directly that they’re being sarcastic. Unfortunately, it was met with confusion and hostility.

All they needed to do was to was keep the same blue Punk IPA bottle and that campaign would have hit clearly home.



What we hope works

With plastic filled oceans being heavily in the public eye at the start of the year, in February, the Netherlands opened the world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle. We (society) are getting sick to death of plastic laden products and produce.

By using compostable biomaterials, ‘A Plastic Planet’ the group behind the campaign, have started a movement addressing the problem at the source. They claim that the products won’t be any more expensive than conventional plastic wrapped goods and importantly will be scalable and remain convenient.

This is exciting, really exciting and will hopefully pave a way for supermarkets here in the UK to follow suit. All it takes is one of the big chains to implement it and the rest will follow.

We hope it works, and facilitates change over here – as I write, we’ve just seen the green light for the plastic, glass and metal drinks containers deposit scheme here in the UK which is a major step forward in tackling the waste problem.


Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

Something we didn’t know

Caffeine is really bad. No like REALLY bad.

Being designers, we’re well accustomed to the reliance of a late evening coffee to power us through the night before a deadline. I remember some people in my old place of work literally living off the stuff – drinking 2,3 even 4 large coffees over the course of the day – the common response being ‘well I fall asleep anyway’.

What we didn’t know is that caffeine has a half-life of 7 hours, which means that coffee you had at midday to power you through to lunch, half of the caffeine will still be in your blood at 7 o’clock in the evening. That’s crazy right?! We learnt this from a great book called ‘Why We Sleep – The New Science of Sleep and Dreams’ by Matthew Walker, check it out.

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