Kiss And Tell October 2020

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Asda Corporate

What’s caught our attention: Could sustainability go national?

We don’t know how many times we’ve wished for grocery stores in the UK to switch to more sustainable practices. I mean seriously, we’re pretty sure we can live without our satsumas being pre-peeled and plastic-sealed for us. Well, our wishes might be granted soon. Asda has gone green, with a trial sustainable store in Leeds, bringing us a whole range of basics as well as our favourite household brands packaging free. In the new store, you can see the likes of Kellogg’s, Persil, PG Tips (and many more) in apparatuses which allow us to fill as much as we need in our own containers. If successful, the sustainable store could be rolled out in other locations across the UK by 2021. 

If this happens, Asda will have set a new precedent for the other major UK grocery shops. I for one hope they all jump on the bandwagon. After all, it’s the start of a new decade. It’s time business practices became as green as their social media accounts claim.


Savage x Fenty by Amazon Studios/Victoria Bettencourt

What’s hot: Savage x Fenty doing body diversity right

Remember that time Victoria Secret said they don’t use trans or plus-size models because their show is a “fantasy” and no-one would watch it if they did? Think again Victoria, because Rihanna is here with her most savage collection featuring one of the most diverse fashion shows the world has seen. Models include Lizzo, Gigi Goode, Christian Combs, as well as runway models like Cara Delevigne and Bella Hadid.  

Rihanna paved the way for inclusion in the beauty and fashion world. First with Fenty Beauty, featuring a collection of over 40 different shades of foundation (which was practically unheard of) and next with Savage x Fenty, an inclusive line of lingerie. This time round, Rihanna isn’t messing. As well as its popularity for all-round body inclusivity, Rihanna’s new  collection broke the internet with her choice of diverse male models. A screenshot from the website of photographer turned overnight sensation Steven G. went viral on twitter because men were finally able to see themselves represented in the fashion world. 

From the choice of models, marketing on socials and stunning art direction, Rihanna has once again outdone herself. We’re happy to see the cultural shift finally reflect the diverse, beautiful and unique world we live in.



What’s controversial? One bitter and one sweet result for plant-based food products

In the food world (AKA my whole world), the EU has decided that plant based foods such as burgers and sausages will be allowed to be described as such on their packaging. Unfortunately, dairy-like products such as oat milk (or should we say oat drink) didn’t have such luck. Three years ago, the EU banned dairy-like products from using terms such as milk, butter or yogurt. Now they’ve gone as far as preventing them from even comparing it to dairy. Descriptive terms like ‘yogurt-style’ will be completely banned meaning that many plant-based businesses will take a hit in an effort to rename and rebrand their products. 

Oatly, a popular choice of plant-based milk originating in Sweden has deemed the decision as ‘wacko’. The EU defended their action, denying any intention but preventing customer confusion whilst shopping. For now, we hope that the smaller plant-based dairy industry can survive this set-back against the dairy giants.



What’s not? Arts under fire (again)

A campaign by the UK Government to encourage the arts community to retrain in another field has been met with an angry response from…well pretty much everyone, but especially those in the arts. The most recognisable of the series of posts is Fatima the ballerina, who’s next job could be in cyber (she just doesn’t know it yet). It seems that the government has yet again forgotten that the arts and culture sector contributes a whopping £10.5bn pounds to the global economy annually. That’s more than the agriculture sector. Despite it’s growing contribution to the economy, the arts culture still suffers from the reputation that it’s a risky career path to take, perpetuating the stereotype of the starving artist. 

The resounding response from notable celebrities and the public led the government to pull the advert soon after it was released. To keep the score, one pointe to the arts, nought for the Government.



What’s cool? A new age for advertising and exhibiting

A redevelopment plan of Denmark Street in London looks like something straight out of an episode of Black Mirror (in a good way). The main attraction of the redevelopment will be a large cube-like structure boasting 2000 square metres of 8K screen space, making it the world’s largest digital canvas. The screen will be used as an advertising space as well as a new way to exhibit art. World-renowned artist Marina Abramovic will be one of many artists whose work will be shown on the screen as part of its launch in 2021. The redevelopment hopes to reignite Denmark Street as a beacon to British Musicians and therefore British Culture. Ultimately, the cube aim could become an epicentre of immersive experience thanks to its 360 degree screen-span. Forget about NYC’s Times Square, we hope Denmark Street breaks the boundaries of art and technology in a step towards the new age.



What we love: The show must go on

This year, all bets are off when it comes to the holidays. We seemed to have skipped right past Halloween and Bonfire Night and straight to Christmas. Although a little early, Amazon has knocked it out of the park with an emotional yet delightful Christmas advert. In the video, a ballerina works hard for her upcoming showcase. It’s implied that her show is cancelled due to the pandemic, throwing away hours of dedicated practice. Witnessing her distress, her family collects all the things she needs to surprise her with her own show. In the end she performs by her home in a hand-crafted dress with her neighbours as her audience. As the music rises to a crescendo, the advert ends with the words ‘the show must go on’. We think Amazon beautifully conveys the importance of resilience and optimism in the midst of struggle. Of course, we can’t help but wonder if the advert was also a subtle f**k you to the UK Government’s Fatima advert. If not, what a happy coincidence and if so, Bravo! 

Check out the advert here:

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