Kiss And Tell May 2020

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Texas Monthly

What’s caught our attention: Nicholas Cage as Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is all set to be played by Nicholas Cage as two cult icons collide for the new series centered on the zookeepers wild life. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry we won’t spoil it, but the docuseries Tiger King dictates the life of tiger keepers in America with a specific focus on a feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin at its center. 

Not only did it blow up throughout internet memes, but audiences appear to be taking the side of Joe Exotic, a gun wielding tiger owner whose primary concern after one employee lost an arm to the tigers was ‘financial recovery’. The best in us is hoping that this reaction might be due Carole Baskin’s hypocrisy throughout the series, as opposed to the more sinister idea that she might be being villainized against Joe Exotic as she is a woman. There has always been a rhetoric throughout culture and literature in which women are villanized for having the same traits as men. While we can’t be sure what caused this response among the public, we’re curious to see what the portrayal of characters holds in the upcoming series.


Fred Perry

What’s (really really) not cool: Loyal Consumers swerve Fred Perry

After releasing new imagery using BAME models, Fred Perry has faced scrutiny from some loyal customers expressing that they would be boycotting the brand, seriously?  

A small selection of ‘die hard’, and undeniably racist, consumers took to Twitter and declared their disgust for Fred Perry’s use of BAME models suggesting the brand wasn’t doing enough to represent their ‘true consumers’. Well, we think that’s pretty disgusting ourselves. As well as being wildly offensive, it also couldn’t be further from the truth. Fred Perry openly discusses their lack of affiliation with any far right groups and states that this goes against their ethos.

While this is not the sunny news you might envision reading in the morning over a cup of coffee, it stands as a firm reminder. As much as some may argue that the UK is an incredibly diverse and progressive country, it’s got a hell of a long way to go to ensure that we all feel safe and welcome.



What’s finally being spoken about: Defying male stereotypes

Protein shakes, rock hard abs and gym bodies are the trends taking over our social media and this coincides with growing rates of muscle dysmorphia, a branch of body dysmorphia that is almost exclusive to men. You can see why this would be the case when everywhere you look there are ripped men in action films, showcasing overly masculine stereotypes.

One male figure defying these demands is Robert Pattinson who is all geared up to play Batman in a 2021 release. He’s been open in interviews expressing that he refuses to keep to his exercise routine during his time in lockdown. Pattinson believes that male actors who spend vast amounts of time priming their bodies for movies are a cause of this growing problem. We Salute you Pattinson, for highlighting a topic that we should all be talking about. Whoever you are, you deserve to feel represented and you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.


Yorkshire Post

What’s not hot: Halifax are not here to help

Here at Kiss, we live, breathe and love authenticity. So staying true to your word during a very testing time for people is crucial, especially when money is involved. But sadly, the old boys of banking haven’t quite understood that. Halifax has shown quite openly it’s incompetence to function virtually. With customers waiting hours to get through to a real human voice and no online assistant available, customers and Halifax have resorted to using Facebook as a helping point. And you should see the comments. Along with their ‘here to help’ ads, this message massively undermines their credibility. 

With challenger bank brands managing new, innovative, online technologies, there’s no room for being outdated and slow. Get with the times Halifax.


She Codes

What gives us really mixed feelings: She Codes

You may have heard of She Codes. An educational coding and technology course geared up especially to target women. While decreasing gender gaps across industries is crucial, is selling online courses specifically to women the right way to go about fixing a really serious problem? Why shouldn’t women be encouraged to take full coding degrees, just as a man might? 

Let’s just remind brands you don’t need to encourage women to join specific programmes with more feminine aesthetics or a little more pink to help them ‘catch up to men’. That’s not really gender equality, is it? It doesn’t help women in tech like Dr. Gladys West, instrumental in the invention of GPS technology, are only recently being truly acknowledged for their contribution to the industry. 

But to really nip it in the bud, we believe starting early is crucial. If we advocated in schools, that children of any gender can do anything then we might start making some progress. One way is by showing them amazing role models that defy gender stereotypes. Here at Kiss we’ve helped such initiatives; read more on our project with Pink Ladoo who discusses the importance of addressing inequality from birth. And if you’re looking for a book to help children with gender equality purchase Stories of South Asian Supergirls who showcases the likes of Ruchi Sanghvi, the first female engineer hired by Facebook.

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