Kiss And Tell: May 18

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What’s caught our attention: Craftory

The stale ways of doing business is changing as more and more innovative and challenging brands throw away the “norms” of running a business. A new UK investment company called ‘The Craftory’ is shaking up the world of business by targeting challenging brands including those in the food industry. With $300M capital to deploy matched with a fearless mindset and mission to disrupt the corporate world and most importantly a foundation to make positive change, we are super excited to see who this team backs up and what new brands they bring to the table.

Finally an investment company talking real and not out of their backsides.



What’s HOT: Royal Madness

If you weren’t rocking your tiaras and cucumber sandwiches this weekend then you were definitely trying your very best to avoid it all. But it would have been difficult as many brands got involved in with the celebrations. And we loved it! (coming from a branding perspective of course).

You love it or you hate it, retailers made the most of the opportunity by building up social media campaigns matched with in-store celebrations. Prosecco, cupcakes and royal bingo were all up for grabs and observing the shoppers reactions they were loving it.

The wedding is predicted to create a 4 per cent rise in the number of tourists coming from overseas, who are expected to spend £26.9 billion this year. That’s a 7 percent rise on 2017!

But to us it shows how as a brand you can make the most of such occasions and own it in your way and make it relatable to your business. As the season of love has started, it’s also a great way to showcase wedding related products from outfits to holidays to presents.


What’s NOT: The New Coke Packaging

We love rule breaking and big brands should definitely do it more often. So it’s great to see when a huge household name tries something new.

But we’ve been left puzzled by Coke’s updated portfolio and the confusion they’ve created on shelf. The iconic Red, Black and Silver packs are slowly losing their unique qualities and becoming a strange medley of designs, ultimately losing consistency as the portfolio grows. Initially the red sun felt disruptive but in the end broke up the iconic communication on pack. Now that the “sun” has fully risen (bringing full circle the concept behind the idea) the distinctive yet consistent difference between Classic, Zero and Diet has been lost. Circle or no circle, which is it? But maybe it’s intentional…

Let’s break it down – Coke Zero is not Classic, it’s its own flavour variant. Previously, it had a full black label, but it’s now fully red with just a slither of black remaining to distinguish it as Zero sugar. Personally, I found this confusing and nearly picked it up thinking it was Classic. It could mean consumers are more likely to mix up the two.

The sugar tax is looming and Coke is in the shits, so maybe it’s a strategic move to make people subconsciously associate Coke Zero with Classic making neither seem as bad. But it does take the risk of confusing and disappointing consumers – either way we ain’t feeling it.



What we hope works: Sainsbury’s to help startups with a new scheme

What an exciting time to be a challenger! With investment companies and now big retailers getting involved it seems there are paths to success appearing everywhere. Sainsbury’s is planning to invest and support startups through an incubator mentoring programme. They’ll bring to the table, not only investment, but expertise in branding, strategy and of course the heavy weight of the supermarket itself. Their ultimate goal is to grow talent in small businesses and establish an exclusive deal with them and also provide their customers with desired innovation and unique shopping experiences.

Mallow & Marsh is one of the brands that have been successfully invested in and supported by the Supermarket.

With incubator and accelerator schemes popping up across the country, it’s an exciting time to be a startup!

Something we didn’t know: Sugar is Poison

This year has been all about health for us. Consuming all sorts of youtube videos, podcasts and books on sleep, nutrition, well-being and the like. What we’ve discovered is that sugar is far worse for us than expected. Watch a fascinating video on youtube called Sugar: The Bitter Truth – by Dr Robert H. Lustig and your jaw will drop.

Forget the empty calories, it’s about what the sugar does on a molecular level and it’s far worse than you’d expect! – in short it acts like poison and is the number one cause for the obesity and diabetes epidemic we’re currently facing. Sparing the science (which you’ll have to watch the video for) we’ve been drastically reducing our sugar intake on a daily basis and saving it for special occasions instead!

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