Kiss And Tell June 2020

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What’s hot: Daye Disrupts the Tampon Market 

Everyone loves an underdog and challenger brand Daye is just that. We know by now that brands like Tampax and Always dominate the feminine hygiene market, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While great work is being done to talk about periods, end the taboo and stop period poverty, the products on our shelves were still as lifeless and uninspiring as ever, until now. 

Daye is just one of many feminine hygiene brands disrupting the market. Their CBD infused tampons show us that we really don’t have to settle on these products. Long gone are the days of itchy plastics and wasteful materials, bring on the natural. Not only are they innovating their products but their brand ethos and presence is strong. Great branding, insightful taboo busting articles and a sense of real commitment to the cause are just a few of the reasons to get inspired. 


Gin World

Things we’re loving: Brand-Experience-at-Home Kits have Upped their Game.

Even if you’re a lockdownee who relishes the slowed-down pace of life, we’re finding it a little hard to believe the boredom hasn’t set in yet. It’s been a well needed relief to meet a handful of friends from an acceptable distance outdoors BUT it’s hardly the lives we were living pre-Coronavirus. 

Luckily brands have started to capitalize on this sense motonomy and are providing us with some stay at home solutions. One collaboration that has particularly peaked our interest is that of Bombay Sapphire x Print Club’s ‘Cocktail and Create Kit’. While some might grimace at the thought of lockdown ‘silver linings’ something has to be said for having the time to table in some arts and crafts you might otherwise never engage in. This collaboration isn’t the only kit we’ve seen either; ads have been popping up left, right and centre for everything from DIY candles to jewellery kits. These are all great ways to showcase the adaptability of brands and keep  their presence alive in a period where we’re less exposed to the retail world. 



What’s pretty cool: Olivia’s blurring the retail lines in Animal Crossing 

Our social lives have become intertwined in technology during lockdown and we’ve become more dependent on it than ever, but one thing we didn’t expect is a real blurring of retail lines between fantasy and real life. As the gaming market has continued to grow, exponentially during the pandemic, we are all aware of the industry’s profitability. Olivia’s new business venture however, side swiped us a little.

The interior design brand now allows you to hire a virtual interior design consultant to revamp your animal crossing home and rumour has it these consultants can earn big bucks, at least £45 an hour. There’s no smoke without fire, and this new business model wouldn’t be viable unless there was a consumer and need. So what we feel this really highlights is blurred lines between our own sense of reality, which has definitely been partly facilitated by the pandemic. At what point does technology fulfill all of our needs and can, in a sense, replace the social experience entirely?


Postcards from a Planner

Things we’re supporting: Time for brands to end the stereotypes 

The BLM movement is causing brands to become introspective about their commitment to anti-racism, and rightly so. Many brands took to social media quickly to renounce their racism and showcase their new found solidarity as a response to the global protests however, consumers know that this isn’t enough and have pushed brands to dig a little deeper. 

Two brands that are making the necessary and important changes are Aunt Jemima (owned by Quaker Oats) and Uncle Bens. These brands have held a solid spot on our shelves for so long that we’ve become ignorant to the stereotypes that the faces on their packaging represent. “Uncle” has many negative connotations deep rooted in slavery, this was a name for older black slaves derived from the character depiction of Uncle Tom in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  It’s clear that the depiction of slaves or minorities to sell products isn’t right and we’re thankful to the BLM movement for pushing companies to consider all racially inappropriate aspects of their brands.





Things we’re loving: The takeaway experience is going up market 

As the opening of bars and restaurants is still looming in the distance, brands have needed to refresh their offering to meet our changing consumer needs. We’ve caught wind of a few restaurants that are providing high end solutions, elevating our at home foodie experiences. The restaurants have closed but our desire to use food to create memories with loved ones still stands. 

Dishoom, a high end restaurant franchise residing in mainly London locations, has launched their first at home cookery kit so that happy customers can replicate a beloved favourite. The brandings on point and the food looks tasty, we think this is a great way to stay relevant during a very challenging time for the industry. Another brand flying the flag for gorgeous at home experiences is Jikoni, a London restaurant, who are delivering ‘globally inspired vegetarian meal boxes’ straight to customers’ front doors. They’ve successfully used this offering to remind us of their brand values, sustainability and community. We’ll remember the brands that kept a relationship with us during this pandemic and are perhaps more likely to drop in when we’re free to do so. 


Pride in London

Things that bring us joy: Brands supporting Pride (for real)

It’s that time of year again where we stand with our LGBTQ+ community to celebrate them, its Pride 2020 baby! While there’s so much happening to distract us from what would usually be an important part of our calendar, we must remember to remind ourselves to continue to support the community. We have to be careful when we highlight brands engaging in pride that they are ones who are genuinely supporting the cause and not jumping on the bandwagon to save face. As ever, authenticity is key. 

A few brands that have engaged this year include ASOS and their collaboration with GLAAD, where 100% of profits are donated to the charity, Morphe and their ‘Free To Be’ pride palette (100% of proceeds donated to GLSEN) and Vaselines limited rainbow pot that was made in partnership with Switchboard LGBTQ+, with the number for the helpline printed on the front. 

While we love to see brands showing their support for the community, we do have to remind ourselves that Pride is not about the money. Pride’s all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and creating safe spaces for all. Here at Kiss love is love and we look forward to seeing all the online celebrations.

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