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What we really love: Small Acts of Kindness

While it seems like the world is opening up, one lifted restriction at a time, there is still no sense of normality when we compare our lives to pre-pandemic. Now is the time for us to all be giving each other a helping hand when we can and making positive impacts on businesses and brands that have been struck down by Covid. One small act of kindness we’ve noticed is that of Jay Rayner, a top dog food critic, who has said that during the pandemic he will not be writing any negative reviews about restaurants. He goes on to say that it was ‘hardly’ a decent move on his behalf, and that he does the job for the love of food so kicking restaurants while they were down would make him an a**hole. 

His point is clear, but we still love to see this attitude. He isn’t doing anything groundbreaking per say, but he is taking the steps to help out businesses where they might be struggling. If everyone adopted just a slither of this attitude it might really help small brands during a tough transitional period. So let’s buy local, share our independents on social and save the little brands we love.



What we’re on the fence about: Diesel’s antiviral jeans

Diesel’s recently announced the introduction of a new denim treatment in partnership with Polygiene that halts 99% of any viral activity, say what? On the surface it sounds a tad too trend focused, creating something that plays on consumers fears during a global pandemic. There’s always skepticism when fashion headlines like this break, and for good reason. High-end fashion brands aren’t notoriously known for having the world’s interests at heart. What is the likelihood of contracting Coronavirus through your legs anyway?

Having said that, as more details are released in the press, the better this idea is looking. Commentators on this use this news to highlight the drift away from performance to practicality in clothing. Hoi Kwan Lam, from Vogue, said that “If you have a garment that’s cooling, water-repellent, and antiviral all at the same time, maybe you can buy one jacket instead of five”. This innovation just shows us the change in perception of consumers towards clothing and the need for sustainable solutions. We like to hear this. The anti-viral activity in the fabric also means that the garments require less washing. That’s a bonus for us and the planet.


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Things that are seriously annoying: Clubhouse Explore

The lockdowns are easing up, and the world is feeling a little happier, but we’re a long way from normal. We’ve made sacrifices, missed our families and given up so much to try and help protect us in the pandemic. It now appears that a pesky few influencers are not abiding by the same rules that lots of us are.

Clubhouse Explore is another influencer house but with a twist, this one’s roaming and they celebrated the launch of the house with a trip to Tulum, Mexico. During their trip Mexico was still experiencing lock down restrictions and high infection numbers, which the bunch blindly ignored. The most frustrating part of this is in the name, they’re ‘influencers’, which means they are supposed to have influence on the way people act, right? There’s long been problems with influencers promoting the wrong things, dieting and weight loss products being an obvious one affecting young women, but this just seems unreal. While they state that they took off screen precautions, what is the point of that if they aren’t broadcasting that out to the people that watch? Let’s influence people to wear masks, let’s influence people to help out their shielding neighbours and let’s influence change we’d actually like to see.


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Things we’re obsessed with: Women changing football 

Women’s football is making big moves as people are more interested than ever before. There’s real talent here, so of course there should be buzz around the sport, but it still isn’t getting the same support that men’s is, classic patriarchy. One study found that women’s sports in general receives only 4% of sports media coverage, despite the fact that 40% of all sports participants are female, this is pretty shocking. 

The good news is that in response to this imbalance Natalie Portman is leading a new women’s football club in LA where a female majority sit on the board. There’s a whole host of big names on the bill, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner and Uzo Aduba, just to name a few. This is a great example of women creating space for other women to achieve goals and change stereotypes. Portman stated that this would give young women in LA female role models to look up to, what a way to give back to a community and help young women.


Petit Pli

What we LOVE: Petit Pli’s Growable Clothes

All parents will know the struggle of sourcing clothes for their little ones that just don’t seem to last. As they grow and grow so does the cost of their wardrobe. With this being such a universal problem it’s a surprise that no one has come up with a solution, until now. Petit Pli is a clothing company founded by Ryan Mario Yasin that is grounded in innovation. It emerged when the aeronautically trained founder gifted clothes to his nephew that were already too small. To combat the solution he started to produce clothes that grow, sounds simple enough. 

This not only saves the bank but also the planet, if we can reduce the amount of clothes we redundantly toss in the dump the more sustainable childrenswear could become. The brand describes kids as extreme adverts and they couldn’t be more right. To help them the clothes are lightweight and breathable, perfect for any little adventurer.


Creative Review

Something we can’t get enough of: Body Form’s Womb Stories 

It’s often easy to forget how much is still taboo, despite living in the 21st century. High on the list of those subjects talked about in hushed tones is women’s bodies, particularly their wombs. While some have the confidence to confide in their friends of the struggles they’ve faced with their bodies, others don’t, enter Womb Stories. Body Form has released a short film/animation unearthing a collection of problems women can face with their womb and it’s bloody beautiful. Covering topics from endometriosis, motherhood or lack of, menopause and miscarriage, it’s all the things we don’t talk about when we talk about periods. Despite covering some challenging topics, the short leaves you with a hopeful feeling that we, as women, are equipped to deal with these challenges because we are strong.

The short is accompanied by a collection of online articles, all real and all important, that discuss the topics covered in the video. On their site Body Form highlights the uniformity of the story we tell young girls about their bodies and their periods, as if we are all going to experience the same things, which we obviously will not. This animation is a great way to help girls and women alike to normalise our bodies and our struggles.

Watch it here:

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