Kiss And Tell: July 18

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What’s Caught Our Attention: Girl Guides New Badges

UK Girl Guides have not only gone and updated their activity badges but made them so on point for 2018. Girl Guides overhauled their previous range of activities to ones more relevant and reflective of today’s interests. New activities include coding, animation and inventing, with a big push to promote and encourage girls towards STEM.

The design is fun and bright and captures an emoji style humour. But what we love the most, is they are a perfect example of an organisation who has positively moved with the times and empowered its followers. So many businesses choose to stay stuck in the old ways of doing things. By not learning or accepting customers changing needs and wants, brands are paving the way for non existence.

So what do you do to keep relevant with your consumers?


What’s HOT: Australia, India And Others Ditching The Tampon Tax

If you didn’t know, you should know. Many governments around the world, by law consider tampons and feminine hygiene products to be “luxury” items. WTF? So recently, and not recently enough, Australia and India have taken a landmark decision to scrap this controversial tax. Although Canada ditched the tax in 2015 (just saying). Most likely these laws will have to be approved by various governing bodies, but what a great move by these governments.

We just hope other countries, (ahem the UK & USA) follow suit.



What’s NOT: Burberry Rebrand

We love a good change or disruption by any brand. So it’s always important to keep an open mind when a heritage brand rebrands.

However, when the change goes from iconic to generic, then it’s questionable. Burberry has released a new logo and accompanying pattern which looks like a totally different brand, verging on knock-off.

The previous Burberry emblem and typography was iconic; the beautiful knighted figure and wide serif based typography added to the heritage of a long standing brand. To bring it up-to-date the logo mark could have been simplified and likewise the type. But the new design which is meant to be reflective of a new direction for Burberry seems dull, generic and quite frankly empty.

Sadly, a lot of brands have been doing this including many startup companies. The benefit of a generic typeface means it’s easily adaptable for different formats, looks clean and readable. The cost being no personality. A strong and successful Wordmark should capture the essence of a brand. And I ain’t getting anything from this. The accompanying pattern feels more retro than 1856 heritage – confusing or what.

Kiss And Tell: July 18


What We Hope Works: The War On Plastic

You can’t pretend this is not an issue. And we take sustainability really serious, so we were super annoyed to read many of the plastic trays from supermarket food containers can’t be recycled.

Apparently only a third can be recycled and almost impossible if it’s black. There’s two issues that are crying to be addressed. Instead of sending recycling abroad, the local facilities need to be funded and supported to recycle different variety of plastics.

Second issue, supermarkets and manufacturers have to be penalised for irresponsible choices if they can choose a better alternative. In fact supermarkets even have the logistics to help support local recycling units and provide incentives for customers to recycle.

But on a positive note, there have been first steps towards UK garden waste composters accepting Vegware’s cups and lids. Hurrah!  


Channel 4 Dispatches Twitter  

Something We Didn’t Know: Breast Feeding

The UK has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding and Channel 4 Dispatches looked into exactly why this is the case in mothers who want to.

A medley of things was uncovered from reduced breastfeeding support and public funding to shaming around publicly breastfeeding. But what surprised us the most was the health benefits of breast milk. We had no clue how powerful the stuff is for babies growth, it provides major immune system support and protection from future diseases which formula milk currently can’t offer (almost two thirds less) due to science lab incapabilities.  

A really great documentary for all to watch so we can increase our knowledge and support new mothers on whatever their choices may be.

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