Kiss And Tell April 2020

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BP / Landor

What’s Not Hot: BP Greenwashing Again.

We spotted this post and immediately wondered how a company whose product is fossil fuels could possibly reach net zero carbon by 2050? After further digging it seems that they’re referring to their production and not product itself. It’s kind of like saying people don’t kill people, guns do. Making out you’re making a positive change without addressing the heart of the problem is purely a distraction stunt. 

This isn’t the first time BP has been in trouble. Environmental lawyers have historically filed claims against oil company BP in a stand against greenwashing before. Greenwashing has become a buzz word in our society, and rightly so. With consumer awareness greater than ever, there is no room for misleading advertising and we simply won’t stand for it.

When are big corporations going to get a grip and realise that the days of pulling wool over the eyes of naive consumers has no place in the 21st century. With the internet enabling our thirst for information, transparency is key.



What’s Hot: Vans Foot the Bill

It looks to us like community spirit is more alive than ever and one shining example of this is the Vans ‘foot the bill’ initiative launched on April 3rd. We love this because we love an underdog, and it looks like Vans does too.

The initiative was designed to aid small businesses to stay afloat during the current climate. They have enlisted the help of skate shops and asked them to design custom Vans to be sold on their website. All of the net proceeds will be distributed directly to their small business partners which include skate shops, restaurants and art galleries.

It will be easier for the big corporations to hang on through tough times, and it’s more likely that the independents we know and love will suffer economically. When we come out of this, we hope that these kinds of initiatives will mean our beloved local stores are able to come out the other side with us.


Pollen + Grace | Mylkplus

What’s NOT Cool: Brands Taking Advantage of the NHS

All over the UK we’ve been celebrating our key workers for the vital work they’ve been doing for us all, we can’t give them enough praise. In the last few weeks lots of brands have been getting involved too and while we love to see credit where it’s due, we worry that they might be taking advantage. We will remember businesses for their contribution in this time, but showing support only to receive consumer gratification doesn’t seem very moral.

As with any advertising, the key in today’s climate is to be authentic and honest about your contributions and sending off lunches with aims to get content from the NHS staff for your next campaign won’t wash well with us. Instead brands might consider donating a % of profits to charities or donating products to food banks to support people in the community who are really struggling during this difficult period. We definitely love that people and companies are banding together, but let’s not use the NHS as a PR stunt for likes on social media.


Independent / iStock

What’s Hot: Virtual Dating

It’s been simmering for a long time, but in the last couple of weeks virtual dating has hotted up in an unprecedented way.

With casual dating no longer an option, the country has been getting creative to make meaningful connections with potential partners online. There have been new dating apps emerging especially for this purpose, and our trusted favourites have added features to make dating from home easier than ever.

On social media we’ve seen Zoom dinner dates, Skype game nights and Netflix movie marathons. Even before this all started, dating today is worlds apart from the sweet stories that we heard from our grandparents, with online connectivity meaning there’s more fish in the sea than ever before. This online dating revolution is a consequence of our need to stay at home, but I’m hopeful that as we spend more time getting to know each other on a deeper level, that the relationships we’ve formed during this period will stand the test of time.


Cricket Food

What’s NEW: Insect Consumption Approved

This one gives us mixed feelings. So it looks like the EU’s Food Safety Association is ready to approve edible insects as a novel food. I’ve never gotten on board with the trend of insect snacks and the sight of a mere daddy long legs in my bedroom gives me the creeps, so I’m not sure just how involved I’ll be getting. 

Having said this, while the world is currently facing an unprecedented amount of issues to solve, it’s heartening to hear that the world is moving towards a change that might benefit our environment. That is because raising and harvesting insects requires less land, produces less greenhouse emissions and is all-round better for our planet than cattle farming. They also appear to have great health benefits. They’re already popping up at food events and we’ve seen some brands with products that contain insects such as flour and high protein snack bars. So while I am currently feeling pretty steadfast in my opinions that bugs are not something I think will be delicious, with the right branding it’s very possible I’ll be persuaded if this goes ahead in the autumn.


In Good Company

Whats we’re Rooting for: Posters for the People

Now that some of our favourite local businesses are closed, our walks around the neighborhood are a little quiet. Thankfully Leeds based brand, In Good Company, is here to inject a little colour into our lives with their Posters for the People campaign. They’ve taken to the streets of Leeds and worked with a variety of great artists to produce eight posters. They celebrate our key workers using vivid artwork that has been put up all across the city. To spread the love even further they’re also selling these posters so that you can brighten up your own community with a % of the proceeds going to charity. 

While we are all doing our bit to keep the country safe by socially distancing, there is no need to be socially distant. Projects like this remind us that we are networking like never before, making deeper, more meaningful connections with our communities and our loved ones. Using artwork, letters and the internet we can share our voice and our creativity all across the country.

So go on, buy a poster here:

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