Matt & Poonam – business partners and life partners. We have the strongest kind of bond, made stronger with a set of shared beliefs and an enterprising spirit.

Armed with complementary skills, a young fresh point of view and a no bullshit attitude, we had the guts to set up on our own, built on that bond that we share.


We’re yours and yours alone

We only take on a very limited
number of clients at a time.


Big agency thinking & design

Access to the insights and tools
of the big players.


Always on call

You live and breathe your brand
day and night, so do we.


We’re awesome people

An enjoyable experience, as well
as an effective one.

Big London agency background

We built our skills and foundations at some of the world’s leading design agencies…and won a few awards while we were at it. We got involved with big international brands and campaigns – getting into the thick of it with; design, brand strategy, innovation and all things conceptual for projects big and small.

Just some of the names we have worked with…


The One that makes sense

Planning, strategy and narrative is my thing, making sure the story is always being told and told right. I worked at Springetts before founding Kiss – I had a great time and learnt my craft with some brilliant minds. I was integral to the Metcalfe’s Skinny popcorn redesign, which won an A’Design award.


The One that’s BIG on Character

Big ideas and future thinking is my thing, always on the pulse of trends and innovation. I worked at Bulletproof before creating Kiss with Matt. I loved it there – the people and work were fantastic! I was integral to the PizzaExpress packaging redesign, which won a whole host of awards including the coveted DBA Design Effectiveness award!

Doing something different.

But not everyone like’s to work the way big agencies do. Like big lumbering beasts, there’s often a lot of wasted time, wasted money and wasted potential.

Brand design – the act of creating something new – should be exciting and exhilarating. We thought there’s better way of doing it, so that’s what we’ve done.

Taking what we’ve learnt in London, we’ve streamlined the process, making it more effective, more affordable to the challengers – discarding the things that don’t matter.

We’ve planted our roots down in Leeds, a place of opportunity, creativity, innovation and a hive of business. A real challenger to London, that we back all the way.


Enter the

We’ve built Kiss around agility, reacting to what the future brings, keeping the process lean and of course providing a close 2 to 1 service.

And we mean it. Great work comes from being close, working closer and being there for each other when sh*t hits the fan. That’s how we work with each other, that’s how we work with clients. Through these times, some of our clients have become close friends.

That’s how they come out on top.