Building a start-up is a bitch.

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Building a business from the ground up is a Bitch.

There I said it. 7 months into our start up journey and that’s what I think of it.

But there’s some conciliation in knowing that I’m not the only one to think that. It’s a trial of fire that a lot of us willingly endure with the hope in building the ‘perfect’ life.

It’s frustrating, it’s painful and it’s much harder than expected.

We have to work our asses off; showing, proving to people what we can do, that we have value, that our product has value, that we’re worth paying for.

We put our comfy jobs and homes on the line, we sacrifice holidays, time with friends & family and peace of mind for this one idea, that might… just might… be our one way ticket into the stratosphere.

Every step is a challenge.

The struggle is real.

Working hard to create a product or service that’s right, often with limited money and resources. Crafting it and trying to make it better than others who’ve been crafting theirs for decades. While trying to break into a market that’s overflowing with competitors.

The tasks build up; building networks, marketing, learning to be your own boss, managing time, finances, admin… and getting that website just right.

We vie for attention, any attention, to be listened to and be taken seriously. With the hope of gaining credibility in our area and see people come to us for our product.

Endless tryouts of trial and error, refining our USP, our brand message and communicating it to people over and over again until somethings sticks.

Through all that the isolation sets in, working from home in the tight office in the spare room, no more office banter and friday drinks. Only more bills, more responsibility and more pressure.

We waltz into markets that have been dominated by established players for years. They know the territory, inside and out. They have all the contacts, all the favours and have all the advantages.

How do you compete with that?

But we carry on, we ignore the doubters, the bitter ex-colleagues and daydream about how one day we’ll show up the ones that call us pretenders.

We’re left feeling and looking mad as hell.

Sound familiar?

But it beats being employed… by a long shot.

A glimmer of hope.

These challenges, that’s what makes startups so great.

Having every disadvantage makes us lean, hungry and prepared to do something drastic and shake up the market. The only way to survive is to BE different.

Sometimes, they give the fat cats a run for their money – having got too comfortable at the top, make mistakes, miss opportunities for innovation and reforms and get stuck in their old ways – knock them flat on their faces.

Building your own business, your baby, is exhilarating, exciting and blasts the doors open to so much.

The lifestyle, meeting incredible people, entrepreneurs, the optimism, the collaboration, the freedom, the energy – makes it all worthwhile.

At Kiss, we’re still fighting the good fight. It’s been an experience we wouldn’t change for the world.

That’s why we back the challengers, because we know the shit they go through to come out on top.

So if you need support with your start up, then reach out, speak to other business owners, get yourself a business coach or a mentor. Speak to everyone you can. We’ve found that most people are friendly and are happy to lend a hand in some way or other! The support is out there, so use it.

Or if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting your own start-up… two words.

Do it.


Props to the start ups. Keep at it!  

M & P


P.S. We’re currently offering Free One to One Discovery Sessions, where we’ll discuss together you and your business’ vision for the future, the challenges you face in getting there and how your branding can be a powerful driver to achieving it.

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