“We’ll push you to be bold and brave when your gut, especially your gut, is telling you to play it safe.”

Our strengths lie in creating engagement, building belief and confidence in the founders and making the brand commercially ready to hit objectives.

Businesses need to use every tool to fight for their share of the market. Having a brand happens to be the most important tool in the box because it’s the one thing that can be truly owned by you. Having a brand allows you to be bold, brave and different; it gives products more value to their customer and sets you apart from the competition.

By playing it safe and not being disruptive in an increasingly competitive market, only means falling behind as new entrants flood in. So it’s time to pluck up the courage and ruffle some feathers.


In order not to lose out on opportunities and grow a strong long-term customer base, the brand needs to be in line with the business from the get-go. We achieve this through brand strategy to guide how and what to communicate to meet your business objectives.

Brand Audit, Market Audit, Competitor Audit Brand Positioning, Naming, Trends & Insights Brand Strategy, Consumer Mindsets


Brand Spark

Every brand needs a Spark. Some already have it, others need to find it. We address lack of confidence, belief and clarity with our Brand Spark process. Our workshop, designed to re-ignite that spark. helps to create clarity in your vision and a clear direction of where to go.



Manifesting a brand visually and verbally through design across every point of interaction.

Brand Identity, Packaging, Print & Digital Brand Collateral, Marketing Collateral


Brand Activation

Bringing the brand to life and rolling it across all touchpoints while keeping it true to the vision and business objectives.

Artwork, Art Direction, Web Design & Development, Social Media Strategy & Content



Brand Spark Workshop

An intimate group collaborative workshop designed to define a business’ purpose, mission, vision and values which are used to guide all business actions. The workshop provides clarity and sense of direction for the entrepreneurs helping them distil their ideas and company ethos. Entrepreneurs will create a personal brand framework to takeaway.


Minimum Viable Branding

This talk sets out to show entrepreneurs how to create an initial brand for the early days of a start-up. Through developing a basic persona, businesses can sell in an idea and be presentable to early stage investors, manufacturers and key people. For: Entrepreneurs who want to understand business growth and brand consideration.


Brand Nuggets: The Basics

A talk, sharing essential ‘nuggets’ about branding, that all businesses need to know. Entrepreneurs will learn the key to good branding, its value and how to apply it to their own businesses. For: Entrepreneurs who want to enhance their knowledge of the branding world.


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