5 reasons your brand isn’t gaining traction.

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Why isn’t my business growing as fast as I’d hoped? Why are people are picking my competition over me? What am I doing wrong? Questions all us business owners face on a regular basis.

We’ve put together a list of 5 reasons why you might be asking those very same questions… and added some actionable steps to fix them!

Let’s dive in.

1. You don’t know who your audience is.

There are too many businesses out there just trying to sell to anyone.

It’s a familiar story. The eager entrepreneur creating an exciting idea and wanting the world to buy into it. They spend time and money developing the product and creating a quick logo that seems right for the market; then sell hard and fast to anyone and everyone that passes by.

By selling to everyone, you engage with no one. By catering for everyone’s needs, you meet no one’s.

How to combat that:

Products that sell well solve a particular problem, right? So find the people with that problem.

Start small, then grow big. By finding your niche clientele and fulfilling their needs you will organically draw in others. Niche isn’t about excluding anyone, it’s about catering for a specific need.

Do a bit of research. Ask your existing customers why they buy from you. Ask those who don’t, why they don’t.

What are the main benefits, what problem is your product solving – why did you create it in the first place? Who is going to benefit from your solution the most? Who are they? What do they like doing, what makes them tick, where do they like to shop, what do they value? You get the idea.

Answer these questions and you’ll find your ideal customer. Speak to them, they are the people that will love your brand and buy from you again and again.

2. You’re not delivering the message your audience wants to hear.

Even if a business knows it’s audience inside and out, if the message they’re delivering is wrong, then they’re preaching to the deaf.

All communications should be delivering one simple message. Attention spans are short, don’t try and say everything at once. 

Often I see businesses shouting a cacophony of messages, hoping that one would stick. People hate being confused. In a world of high expectations, high competition and fraudsters we can be extremely fickle and need to build up trust with you before spending.

Give the smallest of signals that you’re not worth it, they’ll stay way clear.

How to combat that:

Be straight to the point.

When writing a message or piece of communication, subtract the clutter and add the meaningful. What does your audience really want to hear from you? It only takes one message, but the right one, to bring them in.

Like I said before, your product is solving a need or problem. So tell your audience that. Don’t leave them guessing. Know what your audience wants and give it to them.

3. You’re not being different enough.

Our world is packed with stuff.

Every second; sights, smells, sounds, brands and people are being shoved in our faces and we’re getting used to it; we’ve been conditioned to switch off to most of these things, only noticing the unusual. Occasionally we see a radical business that understands that and barges in taking over – the one that IS being different – leaving the rest of the market looking like old fashioned fools.

There are so many businesses that only follow the category norms and what you end up is an array of identical looking brands.

They’re only shooting themselves in the foot.

How to combat that:

Do something different.

But don’t just do different, be different. And that doesn’t mean be the loudest, sometimes being the quiet one in a room full of loud mouths is enough to stand you out.

Question your branding and communications, does it stand out when put against all of your competitors?

Don’t fall for category norms, that’s a sure way to insignificance. Try something that is unusual for your market. Who knows, maybe you’ll make it the norm?

Use your USP. Celebrate that. Make sure your marketing and your branding, even the way you talk, is clearly communicating that USP; the thing that you do different.

P.S. If don’t have a USP or your product isn’t up to scratch, then take some time to find it.

4. You’re positioned wrongly in your market.

Placing a product in the right market might sound obvious.

I often see health foods selling on their health credentials, in health shops, pharmacies and similar outlets; but let’s not forget it’s food. People buy food driven first and fore mostly by taste. You may see your product as a healthy option, but others see it as food, but if it’s not being presented as delicious then it ticks no one’s box.

The problem arises by not knowing who really needs your product or service.

How to combat that:

Again this is going back to being clear on what benefits your product or service offers and who is going to gain the most from it.

Put yourself in the market that’s best suited to you

5. You’re not loud enough.

Similar to being different but not quite. This is about telling the world what you do and making sure your message reaches the right people. In other words, Marketing.

You may have the perfect product, the perfect message. ‘Build and they will come’ you may say, but if people don’t know you’re there, then you’re screwed.

How to combat that:

Be loud, get creative and get in front of people.

Marketing campaigns, blog posting, social media, networking, promotions, events are all ways to grow awareness of you.

There we are. 5 reasons why your brand isn’t gaining traction. All struggling or slow growing businesses are doing so because of one or a combination of these.

There seems to be a lot to think about, but it’ll be worth it when you’ve got your mission and your brand out there in the world making an impact!